About Us

There is an unusual scripture in Jeremiah 9:20 and 21 (KJV) in which the prophet is calling for women to teach their daughters wailing (which means loud cries of sorrow) because of death that comes to cut off children. This is where our website name is derived from as it seems to be so relevant to the times in which we live. At first thought, this title may seem depressive. Actually, the very result of wailing can bring great hope and light as we ask for repentance in embracing death instead of life. We as women should be crying and wailing that over 61 million babies have already been murdered in our country since Roe vs.Wade This attack of satan is geared toward our gender and our abilities as women. We don’t have to continue to let death come to our children by acts of murder by mothers. We can use our tears of sorrow to help take back possession of true Godly motherhood with its very important calling and mission. We can become united in this cause and make a difference in our world…one woman at a time. Of course, before we can wail and cry there must be women whose hearts truly feel great sorrow for our innocent children being brought to death.

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