Great Women of History

We know that since the beginning of human existence, there have always been evil forces at work among us. We find that there have been many kings, leaders and even common individuals in the past who have been instrumental in bringing about much suffering and death to fellow humans. Some of these people were blatantly evil, and then others deceivingly tried to cover their evil deeds and plans with a seemingly benevolent cause. Satan is the master of deception, so those used of him will often come as “wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

In Bible times, we can recount the time before God used Moses to lead His children out of bondage. The killing of the baby boys by Pharoah correlated with the fact that a son was about to be born who would obey God in helping deliver His people. At this time, we find women who were instrumental in making a huge difference in the outcome of the king’s decree. The midwives were instructed by Pharoah to kill all Hebrew male babies when helping to deliver them. But, they feared God and did not follow Pharoah’s murderous command. We also find that God blessed and protected them.

Following this, we have the wonderful story of Moses’s brave mother who also refused to kill her baby boy, and with her faith, she was able to have a part in helping bring forth a redeemer for God’s people.

Remembering the time when Jesus was born, we find the evil king Herod issued orders to kill all baby boys. We read in the Bible of women weeping and mourning over this scenario. Matthew 2:18 says, “In Rama was there a voice heard, lamentation, and weeping, and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children, and would not be comforted, because they are not.”

Isn’t is strange that when God is about to bring life-changing events to His people that Satan begins to inspire his massive killing schemes? Could we possibly be living in a similar time period today? Is this a sign that we are getting closer to Christ’s return? Yet, are women of our time honestly weeping and mourning for children being killed every day in our country? Do we have a heart full of sorrow for over 3,000 children a day being murdered in our country by the abortionist’s bloody hands? Do we grieve for that mother who will surely carry scars for the rest of her life for her part in the murder? Does the knowledge of how these babies are being killed move us with compassion?

These evil methods can include quite a few horrible, ugly scenes…a long needle with a drug in it used to shoot in the baby’s heart to instantly kill the baby. Then the dead baby is delivered a few days later. Another method includes the baby being literally ripped apart, limb by limb and the little bloody body being reconstructed on a table to make sure all of it has been “retrieved”. What about the heart-wrenching stories about live babies that have survived a “botched” abortion only to be left alone to die?

Where are the mourning and wailing women among us at this time?

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