Mommy…I Would Have Loved You!

Surely if unborn babies could speak while they were put to death in the womb, no doubt they would long to be able to somehow appeal for the sparing of their life to the one person whom their Creator specially equipped for loving them… their Mommy! She is the gender created by God with the amazing ability to be able to have a part with Him in creating and sustaining another human life within her body. This unique gift from God has never been (or ever will be) allocated to the male gender! This should make every woman aware of their great worth to God! Webster’s 1828 dictionary explains that the word “woman” is a combination of the words “womb” and “man.” Therefore, woman means “womb man” or “man with a womb”. This brings a clear definition to one of several evident and distinctive differences between the two genders that God created.
Since the beginning of time, there has been a wicked enemy of God that has existed that not only hates Him but also hates all of God’s created human beings. He especially despises the created function of women that enables them to conceive and carry a new life within them. He is well aware of the fact that it was through the womb of a woman that God sent His only begotten son as a Saviour into our world to redeem all mankind.
God’s Word instructs us that this enemy comes with the intent to steal, kill and destroy. (John 10:10 KJV) This evil one has used many methods and messengers to carry out his plans to limit or destroy life. He uses lures of materialism, careerism, selfishness and fear tactics to convince women that motherhood is surely not for them! He especially delights when negative and hateful words concerning children and motherhood are spoken often and loudly. Just think…have you ever noticed a real disgust when the issue of children is brought up in conversations?
You see, our Creator not only created women to physically carry a child within their body, but He also supplied them with loving affections and abilities for the fulfilling of His plan in nurturing this child. These powerful maternal abilities to love and care for others can also be used by single women when they compassionately care for others. Many times, these abilities may have gotten buried by lack of use or even disdain for and may have to be rediscovered. Have you ever heard the words about a mother’s love and how powerful it can be? These loving attributes greatly scare our enemy. He works hard in order to convince women that embracing these abilities will only bring them sorrow and great burdens.
So, as women have frequently listened to voices uttering his lies and deceit and have treated motherhood with increasing disregard and consequently many times forsaking God’s intentions for them; then the door has been opened for our enemy to come bursting through with his spirit of child hatred which ultimately can lead to his final plan…death!
The truth is that this enemy plays wickedly and has no regard for any woman. He would never want a mother to know the horrible condemnations he has planned to heap upon her after he convinces her to murder her child; hence he can endeavor to destroy her life also. As you surely know, the deceiver we are speaking of is Satan. Jesus tells us in John 8:44 (KJV) that Satan was a murderer from the beginning and is also the father of lies!
Women have fought for and are so proud that they finally have gained much success in the area of reproduction freedom. Is it really a great success story that at this time in history any person can be prosecuted and brought to accountability over the act of murder except a mother? Is this really how we want to be portrayed as women?
There is an unusual scripture in Jeremiah 9:20 and 21 (KJV) in which Jeremiah is calling for women to teach their daughters wailing (which means loud cries of sorrow) because of death that comes to cut off children. Is it any surprise that the Lord called upon the feminine gender for this mission of mourning? Could it be that He desires women to use those loving emotions He has so wisely given them to come against Satan’s evil plans of death targeted to children? A well-known children’s song says…”Jesus loves the little children…all the children of the world”. Not only does Jesus love all the children of the world, He so loves all mankind. He is ever ready to hear cries of repentance with His merciful forgiveness, even for those mothers that have fallen prey to Satan’s lies and murdered their child.
Our website title, derived from this scripture may at first seem depressive; but in reality tears and sincere grief coming from loving hearts could greatly reduce the loss of “natural affection” among women which has caused such havoc in our society. The love of children which should be naturally flowing freely in female hearts has been thwarted, and the result has been much damage and death! The cruel death of our innocent children by abortion could never have grown to such enormous numbers if women had refused to listen to lies and deceit.
There is a scripture in Titus 2:3-5 KJV that commands what older women are to teach younger women. One of these commands is for women to love their children. Can we not conclude that maybe, just maybe, as women chose to follow God’s commands, they can become very effective warriors in defeating the spirit of death threatening our sons and daughters in the womb? Are not women who fully embrace Godly motherhood a great threat to the enemy who seeks to kill, steal and destroy? It’s certain. We must use our tears and “wail” for the death of our children but not stop there. Let’s enable those tears to bring us to a place where we can become empowered by the truth of God’s Word which will enable us to come against death. As women, we can determine to truly love and embrace children. We can endeavor to always speak kind and encouraging words to mothers. We can even refuse to get drawn into negative conversations about children and instead speak positive words about children and the wonderful gift of motherhood. We have a great mission and calling! We can make a difference…by design, our Creator has already equipped and called us to this battle.
Of course, if you haven’t fully and lovingly surrendered your life unto the Lord on behalf of your sincere appreciation and love to Him for dying for your sins, I beg you to now make this commitment. Jesus said…”I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” John 14:6
Jesus loved you so much that he shed his precious blood and died that you may have life eternal. May you be convinced to turn from sin and follow Christ with all your heart and life. Then, as you study your Bible and get to know Jesus more, He has promised that His Spirit will lead you into all truth, and the knowledge you gain of His desire for your life as a woman will so bless your Christian journey. We would like to invite you to join with us in spirit and purpose in endeavoring to spread the message that God has given us as women a definite, important role in His Kingdom and we will always derive our greatest and most lasting pleasure and satisfaction when we fully embrace His intentions for us!

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