Wailing Women

There is an unusual scripture found in Jeremiah 9:20 and 21(KJV) in which Jeremiah is calling for women to teach their daughters wailing (which means loud cries of sorrow) because of death that comes to cut off children. Is it any wonder that the Lord called upon the feminine gender for this mission of mourning? Women are the ones who have been given great nurturing and loving abilities in order to protect and raise our young.

Our website name is derived from this scripture, as it seems to be so relevant to the times in which we live. At first thought, this title may seem depressive. Actually, the very result of wailing can bring great hope, light, and life as we beg for repentance in embracing death instead of life. We, as women, should be crying and wailing that over 61 million babies have been murdered in our country since Roe vs. Wade in 1973. This plan of satan could never have happened if women had refused to listen to his lies and deceit. There is still time to take back and regain our mission of true motherhood that has been robbed from women.

Oh, that women’s hearts could be restored to be able to truly love and embrace children. Our gender alone has the capacity to be the warriors to end this war among us. Are you willing to enlist?

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