Although “Daughters of Wailing” may sound a little depressive;  surely tears coming from a loving and sincere heart, have the ability to change entire situations. Our name is taken from the scripture in Jeremiah 9:20 and 21 which says, “Yet hear the word of the Lord, O ye women, and let your ear receive the word of his mouth, and teach your daughters wailing, and every one her neighbour lamentation. For death is come up into our windows, and is entered into our palaces, to cut off the children from without, and the young men from the streets.”

We, as women, have been given wonderful abilities from God. These powerful abilities which consist of the special gifts of caring and nurturing are much needed to cooperate with God in properly honoring, loving, and respecting our husbands. Then we also need to use these Godly abilities again in a different manner should God send us children. Not only do we need to draw upon them for carrying and bringing forth new life, but also to enable us to be able to love and protect that precious life. There are many other situations for using these same traits when reaching out to help and encourage lonely, poor, or maybe disabled individuals. Sadly, these abilities have often been neglected and/or looked upon as unimportant.

There is really only one scripture in God’s Word that instructs what women are to teach, and this comes in the form of a command. This scripture which instructs what the older women are to teach the younger, begins with being sober (sound-minded, marked by seriousness in conduct or character.) How amazing to think of this fact!  After women are instructed to have a sound mind, then we find listed the other attributes including those of loving our husbands and our children,(which is the main heart of our story).

This passage of scripture must be of great importance to God as we read His warning at the end of this verse describing the dire consequences of these concepts not being followed! We know there are (and have been in the past), many women who have never married or given birth to a child, but who spent their lives performing wonderful, loving deeds in which they reached out in love to the lonely, the deprived and poor, etc. We can see that this Godly, gentle, feminine character that we as women are to cultivate in our lives, can be used in many wonderful ways.

No wonder Satan has seen the potential of a loving, caring spirit at work in a woman’s life and he has most surely sought to destroy it. Has the result been this continual crumbling of “natural affection” among women; which has caused such havoc in our society? This love, which should be flowing freely in female hearts has been thwarted, and much damage has been done.

For many years there has been a growing trend among women that manifests itself as a real dissatisfaction and almost disgust toward the plan God intended for us as women. Oftentimes, the very important concepts of loving and nurturing our families and also guiding the household are considered just to be degrading, unfulfilling and unimportant tasks. In actuality, these jobs are part of Christian women’s God-ordained, non-negotiable responsibilites and are very eternally important.

As our society has continued to look upon these duties with increasing disregard, and women have many times forsaken God’s intentions, then the door has been opened for Satan to come in with all of his deceptions and even death! Throughout history, God has greatly blessed the efforts of those women who followed His commands. We find many times in scriptures, that when there were dire circumstances of death coming to God’s people, God Himself called for the “mourning women”. Have you ever wondered why God called for the female gender? Could it be because He had especially created women with tender passions and abilities which He intended to be used for Him to help overthrow the enemy’s evil intentions?

God has a great plan for us as women! Surely at this hour He is calling us to awaken the powerful nurturing and loving emotions He has so wisely put inside us. This may be one of His greatest weapons for women to use for the evils that have come to our society.

We know that since the beginning of human existence, there have always been evil forces at work among us. We find that there have been many kings, leaders and even common individuals in the past who have been instrumental in bringing about much suffering and death to fellow humans. Some of these people were blatantly evil, and then others deceivingly tried to cover their evil deeds and plans with a seemingly benevolent cause. Satan is the master of deception, so, those used of him will often come as “wolves in sheep’s clothing”.

In Bible times, we can recount the time before God used Moses to lead His children out of bondage. The killing of the baby boys by Pharoah correlated with the fact that a son was about to be born who would obey God in helping deliver His people. At this time we find women who were instrumental in making a huge difference in the outcome of the king’s decree. The midwives were instructed by Pharoah to kill all Hebrew male babies when helping to deliver them. But, they feared God and did not follow Pharoah’s murderous command. We also find that God blessed and protected them.

Following this, we have the wonderful story of Moses’ brave mother who also refused to kill her baby boy, and with her wonderful faith, she was able to have a part in helping bring forth a redeemer for God’s people. Now, remembering the time when Jesus was born, we find the evil king Herod issued orders to kill all baby boys. We read in the Bible of women becoming involved in this scenario also. Matthew 2:18 says, “In Rama was there a voice heard, lamentation, and weeping, and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children, and would not be comforted, because they are not.”

Isn’t it quite strange that when God is about to bring wonderful, life changing events to His people that Satan begins to inspire his massive killing schemes? Could we possibly be living in a similar time period today?  Is this a sign that we are getting closer to Christ's return. Yet, are women of our time honestly weeping and mourning for children being killed every day in our country? Do we have a heart full of sorrow for approximately 3,500 children a day being murdered in our country by the abortionist’s bloody hands?  Do we grieve for that mother who will most likely carry scars for the rest of her life for her part in murder?  Does the knowledge of how these babies are being killed move us with compassion?

These evil methods can include quite a few horrible, ugly scenes… a long needle with a drug in it used to shoot in the baby’s heart to instantly kill the baby, then the dead baby being delivered a few days later… the baby being literally ripped apart, limb by limb and it’s little bloody body being reconstucted on a table to make sure all of it has been “retrieved”… then at another time…a live baby who survives a “botched” abortion left alone to die… and the story, sadly, can go on and on.

Do we weep for the future of our living children and also for our dear elderly who are many times considered useless and a burden? Do we grieve for the fact that there are some in our society who have plans to euthanize, not only the elderly but also the sick and weak? Many times our sinful, gruesome methods of dealing with the innocent, elderly, poor, sick, disabled, etc appears to be explained by considering the big “S” word…selfishness! We, as a society have many times only wanted OUR comforts and OUR own time and OUR wealth without sharing! No wonder Satan has been able to bring in his deceptions and use key people to bring death to our society. There first had to be a breech in the issue of loving each other.

A certain dictator in past history, Adolf Hitler, was another example of an individual who invoked much suffering and much death by his rule. Hitler was, no doubt, a master deceiver. In his earlier days, he claimed he was a Christian. He apparently deceived quite a few people for a time. But sadly, at his life’s end, he was responsible for the death of 6 million Jews and 12 million other “devalued people”.

There is an amazing story of a group of German women who stood up against Hitler. In the latter days of the Holocaust, there was a group of men (their husbands) that were targeted by Hitler for their extermination. The Gestapo called it the “Final Roundup".   Initially, both Hitler and the Nazi Party Leader of Berlin, Joseph Goebbels, had worried about the reaction of Christian spouses if they were to forcibly remove the Jewish spouse. So, they instead resorted to social pressure to force a divorce, so that the Jewish spouse could then easily be sent to the death camps!

Consequently, those whose wives’ divorced them WERE killed! The social pressure didn’t fully succeed though, not because it wasn’t intense, but because the Nazis’ failed to give sufficient consideration to a bond between spouses and the German antipathy toward divorce. That is where the story about these brave German women comes in. They were married to Jewish men but they chose to remain faithful to their wedding vows, and refused to divorce their husbands, as others had done by command of Hitler.

These women defied the Nazis’ and began the only public protest in Germany right at the pre-deportation collection center at Rosenstrasse 2-4 in the heart of Berlin, where their husbands were being held. In the beginning, there were maybe 600 women who began this protest. Soon, as many as 6,000 may have joined in at various times. These women began to call out, “Give us our husbands back!” Again and again, the police scattered the women with threats to shoot them down in the streets! Each time they advanced again, with increasing attendance to protest their husband’s capture, while standing toe-to-toe with the Gestapo for a week, totally unarmed, unorganized and leaderless!

It is hard to imagine a brave act such as this right on the Gestapo’s doorstep! Without warning, the guards eventually began setting up machine guns. After directing their guns at the crowd of women they shouted, “If you don’t go now, we’ll shoot!” The women really began hollering now!  They started screaming “murderers!,  murderers!, murderers!” Were they shot down? Quite the contary!

Amazingly, within a week from when these women started this protest, Hitler sent orders to release all of the men. These brave women stunningly achieved their goal! The news of this was purposely kept quiet because of spreading the idea that this evil dictator’s plans could be thwarted. Yet, the fact remains that these women who were insistent on staying faithful to their marriage vows and weren’t afraid of demonstrating their intent, had won!

Next, we will mention a woman who has, no doubt, negatively affected the thinking of women in our world more that any other. This woman had a totally different attitude from the German women spoken of above. She boldly defied the important commands God gave to women. She was quite the stubborn, willful type, who was determined to work for the cause she deemed important, even though this meant forsaking her husband and children; and then becoming greatly perverted in her personal life. The sad fact about this is, she not only deeply wounded her own family but she began hurting many women, all under the guise of supposedly teaching and helping them.

Her beliefs on adultery were that a woman’s physical satisfaction was more important than any marriage vow! She made the statement that “The marriage bed is the most degenerating influence in the social order.” Isn’t this quite the contrast to the story above about the women who staked their lives upon defending their marriage vows against Hitler’s evil scheme?

One of her actual quotes says…”I cannot refrain from saying that women must come to recognize there is some function of womanhood other than being a child bearing machine.”

To be sure, there are many more functions within the frame of womanhood besides just bearing children. But isn’t it amazing how the spirit of disdain spoken by one woman has become so commonplace in our society today? Isn’t there a noticeable disgust many times when the issue of bearing children, or raising children is brought up in many circles?

She took this issue of child hatred to a greater evil level when she said, “The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it’!

You may have guessed by now that the one being spoken of here is Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the world! One author so corrected called Margaret the “Killer Angel”, which is repeated here because this title so truly describes her deceiving nature.

Because she believed that her mother died of tuberculosis because of having too many children, Margaret’s life was spent in becoming a nurse and pursuing birth control to help save “poor women”. She later in life admitted that her entire life’s purpose was to promote birth control. She portrayed herself to be an “angel” with this information to help them control their family size. In reality, her true motives were discovered later by her words of intended forced sterilization and even death for the poor that she considered “unfit”.

Margaret Sanger had become a student of Eugenics. The Eugenics’ teachings consist of belief in a superior race. Ironically, Hitler was also a member of this group and he and Margaret had mutual friends!

Margaret’s Eugenic beliefs caused her to slyly promote her agenda to the minorities and the poor whom she deemed “unfit”. The Eugenicist’s thinking is similar to Darwin’s “survival of the fittest”, but Margaret instead related this concept to the human race, saying that the genetic makeup of the poor and minorities was inferior.

Margaret’s actual words describing black, immigrants and indigents were “human weeds, reckless breeders, spawning…human beings who never should have been born”! Sadly, she was quite the deceiver. She said, “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

Then she proceeded to use a religious appeal to the blacks by hiring black ministers to get her plan of elimination out! How ironic that ministers were being used to kill out their own race! Is there any doubt why today 80% of Planned Parenthood’s clinics are in minority neighborhoods?

Margaret thought couples should be required to submit applications to have a child. She wrote that her purpose in promoting birth control was “to create a race of thoroughbreds”.

In her publication “The Birth Control Review”, she openly supported Nazi Germany’s “infanticide program” in the 1930’s and publicly supported Adolf Hitler’s goal of Aryan white supremacy. Prior to WW11, she hired Nazi Ernst Rudin, who was director of the horrible German medical experimentation program, to serve as an advisor to her organization!

Margaret’s writings were very explicit and landed her in jail and eventually she was deported out of the country for breaking the Anthony Comstock Law, which prohibited the very information she was printing and distributing. She wasn’t to be deterred though. The title of another of her publications shows her strong rebellious spirit. It was entitled “The Woman Rebel, No God’s, No Masters!”

As Margaret Sanger’s organization grew, she wrote about the necessity of targeting religious groups for destruction as well, believing that the “dysgenic races” should include “fundamentalists and Catholics” in addition to “blacks, Hispanics (and) American Indians”.

As the years passed, she became increasingly obsessed with occult beliefs and much more hostile to Christianity and the American precept of individual freedom. She said “Birth control appeals to the advanced radical because it is calculated to undermine the authority of the Christian churches. I look forward to seeing humanity free someday of the tyranny of Christianity no less than Capitalism.”

She also stated “Against the State, against the Church…the woman of today arises.”

In her “Plan for Peace” Sanger outlined her strategy for the elimination of those she considered “feebleminded”. Among the steps included in this evil scheme were compulsory sterilization and segregation to a lifetime of farm work.

Margaret Sanger is dead, but SADLY, HER LEGACY AND HER BELIEFS ARE STILL THRIVING TODAY, MANY TIMES IN THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF MANY WHO PROBABLY AREN’T CONSCIOUS OF WHERE THEIR BELIEFS EVEN ORIGINATED FROM FOR THE MOST PART! Much more could be said here, but please care enough to search facts out for yourself. Just make sure to pray for wisdom, because Satan has woven much deception around his schemes.

Our country has killed over 55,000,000 of it’s children since Roe vs. Wade in 1973. How can we honestly look back on history with disgust at all of the other bloody holocausts and not realize that our country has much exceeded the deaths of those with the murder of our very own precious children? Which is really worse? A nation whose leader kills his own people or a nation whose people kill their own children? What about all the hurting women who have aborted their babies and are left with the pain and realization of what they have done? Who is there to offer them real hope and God’s forgiveness?

Too often now, stories are circulating about an euthanasia plan for the elderly and the weak and disabled. Is there much chance that the older and weaker segment of our society will receive any more consideration than the preborn child? After all, isn’t their helplessness comparable to that of a child in the womb? Who could be so evil to prey upon the weak, the young, the ill or the elderly?

If you are prone to the thinking that none of this is really important or relevant to you, please thoughtfully consider the sobering words spoken in Proverbs 24:11 and 12 on these subjects. “If thou forbear to deliver them that are drawn unto death, and those that are ready to be slain; If thou sayest, Behold, we knew it not; doth not he that pondereth the heart consider it? and he that keepeth thy soul, doth not he know it? and shall not he render to every man according to his works? Ask yourself this question…what do YOU want God to render unto you? What do you want to lay before His feet on Judgement Day; fear and indifference or instead bold adherence to his commands and action to His Word?

Surely it must have been a Godly spirit of unselfish love that inspired and empowered the midwives’ in Moses’ time who were blessed by God for refusing to kill. Was this the same sort of empowerment that caused those German women to refuse to divorce and risk their lives for their husbands? What are we as women going to do with this information of great courage about these women who lived before us? Satan has greatly stepped upon OUR territory as women. He has not only stolen victories from us, but in the process he has also stolen pleasure from us! He has definitely caused death to come to us. He has come against the female gender because it is basically OUR responsibility to love and protect the unborn child growing within us.

We, as women, have many times given up our function to love and nurture and protect the innocent and the helpless. Has this lack of love, or our selfishness, caused the weak and elderly to also become a prey and to be vulnerable to satan’s tactics? Many women, who are physically able, no longer wish to help care for their own in this capacity either! How long must Satan continue to steal without being challenged?

We are the gender whom God has apparently given extra measures of loving and nurturing abilities in which to perform our duties. We are the ones who have received talents and gifts within us to storm against this particular evil plan! We now need women who still have the capacity to feel emotion and cry tears to arise and become aware of this war among us! We need to be God’s alarm system. Are there any reading this who want to use those God-given abilities to help wake up our society and to call others to a mourning that leads to repentance? Let’s rise up and help restore the truths set forth in God’s Word. We must first be united in belief that all life is precious and given of God alone. How different our world  would be if more women really embraced the following concepts in their hearts… all life is precious… our husbands are to be loved and respected… children are blessings and are to be loved. If women truly believed and lived these concepts and taught them to other women, surely satan and his human messengers would have never been able to accomplish the evil feats they have done.  Maybe, just maybe, this is a result that God Himself warned us as women about in the last part of Titus 2:3-5 about God's Word being blasphemed. Surely we won't be thrilled when we stand before Him on Judgement Day with guilt in this area!

There is a memorial that was created for those women who took part in the Rosenstrasse Protest. The memorial is named “Block der Frauen” (Block of Women). It was erected in 1995 not far from the site of the protest. The sculpture shows protesting and mourning women and an inscription on the back which reads…”The strength of civil disobedience, the vigor of love overcomes the violence of dictatorship; Give us our men back; Women were standing here, defeating death; Jewish men were free.” The implications of this particular protest are that mass, public and non-violent acts of non-cooperation by Germans on behalf of German Jews could have slowed or maybe even stopped the Nazi genocide of German Jews.

Of course, one has to wonder why there wasn’t more people who employed this tactic. But most assuredly, this is proof that women and nonviolent action can be definitely be politically powerful!  We must use our tears and “wail” for the atrocities in our society. But let’s not stop there. Let’s enable our tears to bring us to a place where we become empowered by the TRUTH of God’s Word to go forth into battle. Let’s take back our territory ladies! Let’s show the world that we are going to fight valiantly for the truth. It is a battle not fought with earthly weapons, but with true love radiating from sincere hearts.

It surely won’t be an easy battle, but not only are we prevailing for the truth of God’s Word but to truly change hearts. We should keep in our memory those gone before who have endured much greater battles than we, yet they prevailed over evil. Maybe we can keep a picture in our minds that many of them are surely cheering us on from heaven’s gates! Most important of all is to think of God’s smiling approval of women endeavoring to live the concepts and commands He set forth in His Word!
Of course, if you haven't fully and lovingly surrendered your life into the Lord's Hands on behalf of your sincere appreciation and love to Him for dying for your sins, we beg you to now make this committment.  Jesus said..."I am the way, the truth, and the life:  no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."  John 14:6
Jesus shed his precious blood and died for your sins.  May you be willing to turn from sin and invite Christ to come into your heart and life.  Then, as you read your Bible and get to know Jesus Christ better, He will lead you into all truth, and the words spoken above will begin to make such  wonderful sense in your journey as a Christian woman.  Then,  you can share this wonderful truth with others!

Our vision is to encourage women everywhere to begin encouraging and supporting other women who may be struggling or new to the area of motherhood. They, in turn, will hopefully be inspired and began to share this message with other mothers.  This can be done by our kind and gentle words.   We can also give little gifts and copies of this pamphlet.  We are endeavoring to provide this phamplet for free as long as possible for you to share with others.  We also have a card that you can attach to a little gift for mother and/or baby which will direct them to our website. This gift could be a simple homemade gift made with love, or even a few dollars wrapped up in a pretty package with ribbon.  The idea is to gain women's attention by our kindness to them, then hopefully they will listen to our message.   Please write us for more information and we will be happy to send the supplies you need for this mission.

Surely, if one woman's ungodly beliefs on motherhood can do such damage to our society, what can many united women do, if we work with one goal and purpose in mind?  We invite you to join with us in spirit and purpose in
endeavoring to get the message out loud and clear that all life is precious!

Anxiously awaiting to hear from you!